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Starting a Reading Journal from Scratch for Beginners

If one of your New Years resolutions is to read more books (great for cutting down on useless screen time by the way) or if you’re an established book worm who wants to keep track of his/her reading, starting a book journal is for you!

There’s really no right or wrong way to go about it – depending on the effort you want to put in you can keep it very simple, or go a little bit crazy, or both. I decided on a vintage scrap-book-style theme, so I just printed some vintage floral art and stuck them in, complemented with some gold washi-tape and gold marker. It turned out very pretty, and was very quick and easy to do. This way the trackers at the start of the journal all have a cohesive look, whereas as soon as I got into the book pages, things started to go in any direction possible, depending on the style and theme of the book.

Pages you will want to include:

  • Title page (maybe with a quote)
  • Reading goals
  • TBR spread (book titles to get around to, maybe unread books you already own, or suggestions you want to try)
  • Series tracker
  • Monthly recap (titles read, optionally some reading stats like total page count etc. and ratings at a glance)

More fun (optional) spreads:

  • 24 books for 2024
  • First Lines
  • Reading around the world/Through history
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