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Circle Skirt

Circle skirts are, in my opinion, the most beautiful skirt type of all, because of the gorgous twirl-factor. If you want extra-much twirl, you’ll want to go for a full circle skirt, which, alas, will need a lot of fabric. If you’re using 60″/150cm fabric, you’ll need around 1.5m/1.7yds for a knee-length skirt. Double that for narrower fabrics.

Full Circle Skirt

Anyway, to draft you pattern, decide on the length first, and measure your waist where you want the skirt to sit. Divide that measurement by 6.28, and add that number to the length of your skirt. Add 3cm or 1 1/4″ inch for seam allowance (you need 2 1.5cm or 5/8″ allowances, one at the top, one at the hem), and you have the radius of your skirt. You can now make a paper pattern, or, if you’re feeling confident enough, cut it straight out of the fabric.

I recommend to make a quarter-circle pattern though.  From the top of your pattern, trace the waistline, by using your waist-measurement divided by 6.28 as a radius. Dont forget to add your seam allowance before cutting out!

Half-Circle Skirts

Same process as above, but use your waist-measurement divided by 3.14 instead.


Sew your skirt piece(s) up a the side seam(s) and let hang overnight to stretch out the seams. Next day, level the hem, and hem your skirt either by hand or sewing machine.

Cut out a waistband, apply interfacing if necessary, and sew the waistband to the waist of the  skirt right sides facing, using a 1.5cm or 5.8″ seam allowance. Add closures, such as a zip or hooks and eyes.


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