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New Bullet Journal: COMPLETE Planner Setup 2024 in a Square Journal

This year, we’re switching things up by using a square planner! While I will do a floral themed yearly set-up or pre-setup, I won’t force myself to stick to florals only this year as I did previously, in fact, I’m planning to be a little more imaginative, and want to base some of my themes off my favorite stories, be they books, movies, or historical periods. I’m really exited to share all of these with you, so make sure to subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications, so you don’t miss my future videos! But today, florals it is.

Throughout this setup I’ll be mainly using brush pen markers, since I plan on doing a lot of calligraphy, and they’re great to doodle with as well. For the title page however I’m using watercolors – I did a swatch test on a scrap, and the paper in my new journal is just about thick enough to take watercolors in moderation. I decided on doing a loose watercolor floral arrangement for the title page, and then we went ahead with manly marker doodles for the rest of our spreads.

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