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March Bullet Journal Setup (15+ Theme Ideas)

I had quite a hard time choosing a Bujo theme for March. I had already used violets in the past, as well as forget-me-nots. Keeping up with my story-based themes I though about making it “Little Women” because of the March family, but the season doesn’t fit. Finally Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit seemed like a perfect match. Her soft watercolor style screams spring, Peter rabbit will tie in nicely with Easter, March Hares etc, and I added some snow-drops for florals.

This Peter Rabbit box set is a must-have for any Peter Rabbit fan.

By the way, this Peter Rabbit Hardcover collection is a must-have for Beatrix Potter fans – all of her 23 orginal tales and gorgeous illustrations in one place!


  • Brush pens
  • Gel pens (my favourite type of black pen to use because of the smooth writing feel)
  • Journal
  • Fineliners
  • White gel pens

Top Bullet Journal Themes for March

  1. St. Patrick’s Day
  2. Spring”
  3. Easter
  4. March Madness
  5. International Women’s Day
  6. National Nutrition Month (lots of Avocado theme’s out there)
  7. National Reading Month
  8. National Craft Month
  9. National Frozen Food Month
  10. National Peanut Month
  11. Shamrock / Clover
  12. Tulips – maybe Netherlands-theme?
  13. Violets
  14. Snowdrops
  15. Cherry blossoms
  16. Daffodils (flower of the month)
  17. Crocus
  18. St Joseph’s month

Want more ideas? Check out my BuJo pinterest board!

One of my previous march BuJo themes: violets
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