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Making a Chiffon Skirt

Last week I was lucky enough to find around 2 meters of a gorgeous dusty pink chiffon in a thrift store. Plus, it was already hemmed all the way around, a dream come true! All I had to do was to cut down the width a bit, to reach my desired skirt length.

Once I figured out the length of my skirt, and adjusted my rectangle accordingly, it was time to set the pleats. I went for alternately big and small box pleats, but you could also use regular pleats, or gather the waist. Since chiffon is very slippery, make sure to pin meticulously, and hand-baste your pleats in place, before running it through the machine.

Thanks to my pre-hemmed fabric, I didn’t have to worry about hemming the skirt, which would have been tricky on a thin fabric like this. If you’re struggling with this part, check out this tutorial.

I sewed the skirt closed at the side seam, stopping around 15cm from the top. Again, because the fabric was pre-hemmed, I had no issue cleaning up the raw edges. From the excess fabric, I cut a narrow waistband, which I attached to the skirt right sides facing, before turning it over the raw edge to the inside, and hand-stitching the edge down, enclosing the raw top edge of the skirt. Added a hook-and-eye closure to the opening, and the skirt is done! (Again, you could use snaps here if you prefer.)

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