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How to Mend & Save Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Using Embroidery

Recently, my very favorite pair of light wash jeans started to tear at the knee, and I was really sad. I darned it,

but it just kept on tearing next to the darn. So I darned and reinforced the area again, and while it looked ok, it was obviously mended. I couldn’t wear these jeans out in public anymore anyway, so I had nothing to loose trying to conceal the patch with embroidery. See the results below!

I used a really simple rose and fern design, and I also created a FREE template for all of you! I used a simple wagon-wheel rose and some chain-stitch leaves, check out the video below for detailed instructions.

If you wanted to make your embroidery seem more intentional, why not add a similar design on the back pockets or side of the jeans as well? Though I usually never wear embellished jeans, I really love how these turned out, and I’m so happy to have saved them from the trash. What do you think?

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