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Taping my first Hula Hoop

Yesterday I received the “naked” plastic Hula Hoop I ordered from eBay. I wanted to use it for Rhythmic Gymnastics. I needed a pretty large one (90cm ø), which was not as easy to find as the small ones. As it weighted only 230g and a gymnastics hoop has to weight 300g at least, I had to put several layers of tape on it. When buying a hoop, you should make sure it reaches up to your hips.

The first layer consisted of white insulation tape This was purely for weighting. After that, it was time for the top Layer. I used rose-gold washy-tape and more insulation tape. Washy-tape is not recommended for hoops though, as it gets scratched quite easily. In the end, the hoop looked quite nice, although the spiral wasn’t completely even.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make a hooping video soon 🙂 .

After a few days though, I saw that the washy-tape kept getting damaged here and there. I was able to patch it with small bits of tape, but if you’re using washy-tape for hoops, maybe it’s a good idea to add a layer of clear tape for protection.

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