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How Much Fabric Do You Need to Sew a Top? Making a Top from Tiny Fabric Scraps!

After making a summer skirt from a lovely blue floral cotton, I only had a few smallish scraps left, less than 50cm square each. Far too little to make anything but quilt blocks from really. Yet, I thought it would be a pity to just throw them away, or let them sit in my scrap bin for years.

So I did a little research on cute summer tops that would not require much fabric. I was thinking cottage-core-bustier type to be the least fabric-demanding. So going in that direction, I played with different pattern ideas, and even using a supplementary plain fabric for the larger parts of the top (such as sleeves). As it turns out, this wasn’t even necessary. With a little patch-work piecing it was possible to create an, in my opinion, very pretty top, that, when worn together with the matching skirt makes a lovely dress set.

Watch the video below to see the (very chaotic) construction process 🙂 Enjoy!

…and if you want to see the skirt I made from the bulk of this fabric:

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