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The Easiest Gibson Girl Hairstyle Ever?

The time between 1890 and 1910 is famous for its very soft and feminine ideal woman. This was emphasized by delicate dresses and a very soft, poofy updo. This ideal was created by artist Charles Dana Gibson, possibly as a counterpoise to the emerging “new woman” which was a more masculine and feminist ideal.

According to Wikipedia:

She was a member of upper middle class society, always perfectly dressed in the latest fashionable attire appropriate for the place and time of day. The Gibson Girl was also one of the new, more athletic-shaped women, who could be found cycling through Central Park, often exercised and was emancipated to the extent that she could enter the workplace.[3] In addition to the Gibson Girl’s refined beauty, in spirit, she was calm, independent, confident, and sought personal fulfillment. She could be depicted attending college and vying for a good mate, but she would never have participated in the suffrage movement.

Though complicated-looking, you can create the iconic Edwardian hairstyle in under 30 seconds. I admit, this one is not a very fancy style, but a simpler one, that might work well for turn-of-the-century everyday.

Here’s how to do it:

Can you beat my time? Post your results using #gibsongirlchallenge

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