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Feeding Grey Sqirrels

In the UK, at least, the woods are just “hopping” with these cute small creatures called grey squirrels. They came to Europe centuries ago, when they immigrated on ships. Once here, they drove away the original red squirrel to limited districts in the north of England and Wales. Since the squirrels here have a little brown as well, they probably mixed with red squirrels and inherited a bit of their colour.

If you’ve tried to approach these little animals, you’ve probably seen them scuttling away and up trees as fast as they could. But there is a rather simple method for feeding them: if you put out nuts in your garden, it probably won’t be long till the first grey squirrels become regular visitors. We put up a plank to our window-sill and put nuts on it. The squirrels soon noticed and begann coming up there regularly.
Next, we carefully held a (large) nut between two fingers (holding them in the hand is not recommendable, since are afraid of that), so the squirrels could take it with their teeth. That is why you will need a large nut, for if it’s too small, they could mistake your fingers for nuts and try to bite*. An alternative to this is to hold the nuts between pliers.

*AroundTheYear will not be responsible for any consequences from feeding squirrels.

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