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Dressing Up in a Regency Outfit: Inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

I recently finished a Pride and Prejudice inspired regency gown from about 1810, and if you’ve been watching my Youtube channel lately, you might also have seen the dressing up and construction videos. For those of you who haven’t you can watch them both below.

The construction was medium-fast, it took 3 days of sewing plus a little afterwork, so I probably spent 16-18 hours making it, but it was worth it. The materials I used are not 100% historically accurate as I used a cotton-blend for lining the bodice, and another cotton-blend voile for the dress itself. This probably makes the dress less comfortable than the ones actually worn at the time, though it did a great difference to the cost of materials.

For now, the dress has puffed short sleeves, though I plan on making sleeve extensions very soon. These were frequently found on regency garments, allowing the same dress to adapt to different weather conditions.

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