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Origami Teddy Bear with Heart

How to fold an Origami teddy bear with heart for Valentine’s Day. This project is cute and surprisingly simple, so even Origami beginners will be able to fold it.

You will need: 


Start with the back side of the paper upwards and fold two diagonals from corner to corner. Fold two opposite corners to the center of the paper, where the two creases meet. Fold those two sides to the middle again. Unfold.

Fold one of the two original corners to the second crease on the opposite side, using one of the creases already there. Fold part of that side back again, using the second crease on the same side. Do the same thing on the other side. This will create a little square.

Rotate by 90˚. Now fold one end of the paper up, so a little bit of the square we created in the previous step still shows. Unfold that step again.

Fold the downside-edges of the squares to the crease showing, as shown in the video. Slightly open up the side of the paper we folded and unfolded in the last step and press it down flat, making two short, diagonal creases under the crease left from folding up that side earlier, in the process.

Fold down part of the edges of the square we talked of earlier, to hold the flap in place and to make the arms.

Fold down the other side of the paper, unfold, fold in a small triangle at the tip, and fold back. Turn the teddy bear over, and fold back a triangle at each corner of the head for the ears. Fold part of those triangles back again. Turn over, and draw a face.

Different Origami Hearts you can make:

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