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February PWM: Chinese New Year Inspired Cherry Blossom Bullet Journal Theme

Cherry Blossom Bullet Journal Theme

For February a cherry blossom bullet journal theme seems to be my go-to. I had been watching one of my favorite Chinese costume dramas, the “Legend of the Phoenix“, and I wanted to do a BuJo theme based on this series. What better time than February, the month of this year’s Chinese or Lunar New Year!

This means we’ll be using lots of red and gold, celebratory colors in Chinese tradition. I also wanted to include cherry blossoms, and I tried to make them look like an ancient Chinese painting. If I succeeded is up to debate, but I’m quite happy with the result!

I used mainly brush pens and some gold marker, and all in all it was quite an easy design to paint.

I added two of the main characters form the Legend of the Phoenix – the Empress and Ningzhi (Noble Consort Ning) – I love their intricate and dramatic costumes, especially with the floor-length sleeves and trains! To make the red color for the empress’ gown and the lanterns pop, I used orange as a base coat. If you paint you read on top it will result in a a much more vibrant color.

This month we’re back to vertical weekly spreads, as the horizontal layouts just don’t work out for me. Although they can look extremely cute fancy, for me a plain two-column layout works best: the days of week, and a to-do list. So that’s what we’re doing this month.

Anyway, here is the setup video for our Chinese-inspired cherry blossom bullet journal theme:

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