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Bullet Journal Setup for September 2023

September is back to school month, or maybe you’re starting a new job, and it’s time to get your life back together after the summer month. So I was also extra motivated to make a special effort with my planner design for this month, even though I’m still on my old journal. If you’re a student, it might be helpful to start a new notebook to kick off the new academic year. Again, this is all about customizing your planner to your needs, and going beyond the mere aesthetic aspect of bullet-journalling.

For September I chose asters as my theme, the Birth flower for September. Besides, they’re purple, and that just happens to be a favorite color of mine.

See the video below to see a time-lapse of the set-up:

Creative Spreads to Include in your September Setup:

If you’re starting your new notebook this month, of course you will need to do a proper yearly setup. The suggestions below are not all included in the video, as I usually keep my setups very simple, including only goals, month at a glance and habit trackers. Here are a few more creative spread ideas for September:

  • Reading list (yep, we’re heading back into the cooler season)
  • Movies to watch
  • Bucket list (shows, travel etc.)
  • Plan a self-care routine
  • Favorite quotes
  • Gift ideas – though Christmas is still months away, this allows you to start jotting down inspiration
  • Study tracker/learning goals
  • Finance & Savings tracker
  • Things to look up
  • Screen time tracker – jot down the time you waste scrolling and prepare to be shocked!
  • List of activities to try when you’re bored
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