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Beaded Stars: Gorgeous Easy Christmas DIY Ornaments You Have to Try!

I just found out about this beading technique a few days ago, and I’m in love! Each star consists of 73 beads and takes about half an hour to make, but it’s absolutely worth it. They make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments and are great for gifting as well. I even made a couple into earrings — just the right accessory for the Christmas season!

You will need some size 11 seed beads, the color choice is yours. I recommend to use gold or silver as the main color, and choose an accent color from there. You will also need a sewing needle with a very thin eye and thread. Make sure that the beads slip over the eye of your needle easily, or use a beading needle if you have one.

There’s also a free printable template in our downloads library, so get yours today!

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