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Sewing Hacks to Make Life Easier You HAVE to Try (and Mistakes to Avoid)

These minor tweaks in your sewing process are going to save you so much time and headache!

Switch Your Patterning Paper

If you buy tracing paper for pattern making, you will usually get rectangular pieces, either pre-packaged or cut off the roll. The issue here is, that you will need to store them folded, and unfold and refold the sheet, every time you want to use it. Because of this, I switched to simply buying a roll of craft paper at my local craft store, which is a) a little cheaper, and b), I can just casually unroll as much paper as I need. One drawback is, that the paper tends to roll itself back up, so you will need to use weights to keep the paper flat while pattern-drafting.

Change the Direction you Stick Your Pins

Pinning your pieces like a normal person (aka parallel to the fabric edge), you’ll have to keep on removing the pins as you sew, and this is only possible if you have all you pin heads facing you while sewing. I have damaged countless sewing machine needles because of accidentally sewing over the heads of my pins, or even by hitting the pins themselves. If you place them at a right angle instead, it’s possible to sew over the pins without stopping the machine. Only make sure to allow the head to stick out far away from the needle!

Invest in Proper Sewing Machine Accessories

Specifically: an invisible zipper foot, and a blind hem foot! If you’re making women’s clothes, you’ll need them for almost every project. I used to try and sew my invisible zips using a regular zipper foot, and holding the teeth back with my fingers. Truth is, you can’t really sew a straight line, when using all your attention to keep the teeth open. So make the investment and GET THE PROPER PRESSER FEET for the seams you’re making!

Don’t Skip Pressing!

This mistake is what’s really the at the root of most homemade-looking clothes as opposed to handcrafted. Pressing open that seam or ironing that hem is going to be what gives your clothes the crisp lines and sharp edges you dream of!

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